Meet Roy

Roy BenifieldRoy Benifield is a lifelong Georgian, who was raised in Dacula and now lives in Franklin County. He has spent his entire career fighting for freedom and standing for the rule of law.

A Marine

Roy attended Dacula High School in Gwinnett County and then volunteered for the Marine Corps. He served honorably for four years, rising to the rank of Sergeant. Roy served 13 months in the Marine Barracks in Cuba and 13 months in Vietnam in a Tank Squad. Roy was released from the Marine Corps in 1968 and received his Honorable Discharge two years later when he completed his enlistment obligation to the Marines.

A Public Servant

Roy then returned to Gwinnett County, where he met Velda and got married. Roy started working as a Dekalb County police officer in 1969 and remained with Dekalb County in the Department of Public Safety. In 1996 he retired from Dekalb County as a Police Lieutenant. Roy then took a position with the United States Department of State, where he spent 20 months in Bosnia and Kosovo, training police officers in codes of conduct and basic police procedures in the war-ravaged Balkan region.

A Husband

Roy and Velda have been married for 45 years, and they have two sons, two grandsons, and one granddaughter. They live in Martin, Georgia, where they have made their home since 2001.